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Dove Shower Cream 500 ml * Purifiying Detox Green Clay * 6 pcs

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  • Dove Purifying Detox Nourishing Body Wash with Green Clay is gentle enough to use every time you shower to give your skin a daily detox from environmental stressors, chemicals and more.
  • This moisturizing body wash for women or men uses the natural detoxifying power of green clay to purify the skin, leaving it clean, soft and smooth.
  • This body wash for dry skin consists of Dove’s moisture renew blend, a powerful mix of ingredients that purifies the skin to leave it feeling nourished and healthy.
  • Designed to cleanse deeply and renew skin to uncover its natural beauty, using this bath wash adds a touch of spa-inspired luxury to your morning or nighttime routine.
  • INGREDIENTS FOUND IN NATURE: formulated with green clay, this purifying and detoxifying body wash nourishes deeply to leave skin feeling clean and soft day after day
  • MOISTURE INNOVATION: Dove’s special moisture renew blend cleanses and replenishes the skin, for hydration you can feel every time you use this moisturizing body wash
  • GENTLE AND SAFE : Safe, effective ingredients turn your shower into a daily detox, purifying and nourishing skin in a hydrating body wash that’s gentle on the planet
  • INSPIRED BY NATURE: Dove takes its inspiration from nature and this women’s body wash is no exception, using ingredients found in nature to give you desired results
  • THE POWER OF GREEN CLAY: For those who like sandalwood body wash, shea butter body wash, oatmeal body wash or lavender body wash, this hydrating body wash is a welcome addition
  • DAILY RENEWAL: Dove Purifying Detox Body Wash gently cleanses the body, leaving it renewed and moisturized, making this a great body soap for dry skin

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