Multipurpose Telescopic Snow Brush, Squeegee, Ice Scraper 44 inch * 6 pcs

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  1. Telescopic Snow Brush Flexible Flyer long ice scraper, car snow brush and window squeegee is designed to easily remove snow and ice from large cars and trucks with long-reach snow brush.
  2. The quick press design makes adjustments to different lengths quick and easy.
  3. 4-position telescoping scraper extends from 32” to 44” to easily reach the middle of your big car windshield or truck roof.
  4. Dual foam grips provide comfort and maximum control.
  5. Thick bristles of large snow brush quickly remove snow from your car windshield.
  6. Works great as SUV snow brush. Car snow scraper’s tough, non-scratch teeth break through the windshield ice quickly, then the flat frost scraper head removes remaining window ice.
  7. Rubber car snow squeegee quickly clears loose ice, slush and water without leaving streaks.
  8. Rotate windshield brush for the best angle.
  9. Car scraper ice brush features easy-to-hold foam grip.
  10. Collapses to 32 x 5.25 x 1 inches. Weighs 1 lbs.
  11. Count on this heavy duty snow broom for snow removal even in the heaviest of snowstorms
  12. Make a great winter car accessory gift.

Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 8 in